We are a music production and music management company from Japan. Our core business is creating content around artists and delivering it to the world in all forms. Our mission is to become an enterprise group that can get closer and bring color to more people’s lives, create affection, shape the era and create culture

We not only discover artists, perform direct production through song selection and planning products, but also perform various works in music production and distribution, including advertising campaigns, promotion of artists, music and products, and other marketing activities, as well as business cooperation with stores and digital Distribution services in the field, thus constantly creating new music.

We strive to be a bridge between artists and fans. We share and analyze fan comments with artists and managers, and work on a range of projects including announcements, fan club events, and making fan club exclusive merchandise. Keeping our fans happy is our top priority, and we’re constantly working to develop services that bring artists closer to their fans.

We are also involved in planning and managing our own live streaming platform. In today’s life, we are constantly taking on new challenges and creating new businesses related to digital tools.

Starting from the artist’s intention, we are involved in everything from planning to production and sales management of artist merchandise and other products.